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【IAA】IAA Life Section Webinar: Drivers and Cohorts-New Horizons in Mortality Research

LIFE WEBINAR: Drivers and Cohorts – New Horizons in Mortality Research

A webinar presented by members of the Mortality Working Group of the IAA

When: March 21, 2017, 10:00am EDT


Long term drivers of future mortality

Al Klein

A group of international experts on mortality and longevity are writing a paper on the long term drivers of future mortality.  This work is being done in conjunction with the International Actuarial Association Mortality Working Group.  The comprehensive paper will cover 11 key broad drivers of mortality.  This webinar will begin by looking at a few past drivers of mortality and then include a discussion on some of the drivers that will be included in the paper. 


The cohort effect: an international comparison

Dov Raphael

In a number of countries, lives born in the 1930s show mortality improvements greater than lives born in prior or later years, the so-called “golden cohort”.   The webinar will present  the results of a systematic analysis of the cohort effect for countries represented in the Human Mortality Database. These include graphical presentations using a weighted average of mortality changes, parameterization by fitting a sinusoidal curve to the data, and useful comparisons between countries based on population size and geographical region.     This could be useful for enhancing projection models based on the cohort effect.





Al Klein is a principal  and consulting actuary with Milliman’s Buffalo Grove / Chicago office.   Al conducts industry experience studies and helps clients with mortality, longevity, and underwriting related issues.  Prior to joining Milliman, Al worked for a large stock life insurance company where he was responsible for experience studies across all lines of business.  He has also worked for other life insurance companies, a reinsurer and consultant, where he has been responsible for strategic planning, product development and traditional reinsurance.


Al is a frequent speaker and currently involved with a number of industry activities, including:


  • Society of Actuaries (SOA) representative and Co-Vice Chair for the Mortality Working Group (MWG) of the International Actuarial Association
  • Mortality Working Group  Chair of projects on: Underwriting Around the World, Future Drivers of Mortality, Older Age Mortality

Al received a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Science and Finance from the University of Illinois, Urbana



Dov Raphael has an MA from Cambridge, UK . In the past he was chief actuary of the two largest insurance companies in Israel, Clal and Migdal, and in between he worked in industrial management and IT for a confectionery manufacturer.    He is now an independent consultant and part-time lecturer.    He is a former President and current Council member of the Israel Association of Actuaries, and is chair of its Mortality Research Committee.    He is a member of the Mortality Working Group of the IAA.  


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