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【SLI】Asia Pacific Insurance Survey Report


Standard Life Investments (SLI) is a leading asset manager with an expanding global reach.

Their parent, Standard Life plc., was established in 1825. A leading provider of long-term savings and investments, Standard Life floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2006 and is now a FTSE 100-listed company.


SLI was launched as a separate company in 1998 and has established a reputation for innovation in pursuit of their clients’ investment objectives with wide range of investment solutions spanning equities, fixed income, real estate, private equity, multi-asset solutions, fund-of-funds, absolute return strategies and liability-driven investments.


SLI continues to look at innovation playing an extremely important role in growing the different regions.


Among the many initiatives, one key proof point of this strategy was the development of the first European Insurance Thought leadership, launched in November 2015.


Following the success of the European Insurance Survey, SLI aspires to provide the same insights regarding Asian insurers with target markets including China, Japan, Taiwan & South Korea.


SLI has launched the Asian Reports at the end of July and would like to share with our members, including Executive Summary and Full reports, both in Chinese and English versions.




                       Asia_Pacific_Insurance_Survey_Executive summary_Chinese Version

         (英文精簡版)                                  (中文精簡版)



         (英文完整版)                                  (中文完整版)