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2021/9/8&17 「Joint Regional Seminar 2021」Taipei Session - Call for Papers




 - Welcome to the Joint Regional Seminar 2021 -



The Joint Regional Seminar (JRS) is an annual event co-organized by the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries and Actuaries Institute Australia with the support of the local actuarial societies in the region. It is designed to assist actuaries and other professionals in advancing their practical experience as well as meeting their CPD requirements.


For the safety of our participants during COVID times, the Organising Committee has decided to run a virtual JRS this year. There will be four regional topics presented at a half-day programme in the afternoon on 8 September hosted virtually in Hong Kong for all participants from the Asia region. The Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei will host a half-day local topic programme in the afternoon on 17 September and the format could be online or in-person as circumstances permit.  



The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges and evolving risks in a rapidly changing regulatory environment for the insurance industry. The pandemic's implications for the industry will have largely been felt through many aspects of the business - muted earnings, investment portfolio stress, escalated mortality claims, distribution difficulties, operational and workforce disruptions, and much more. To weather the crisis and uncertainties and keep up with the evolving regulatory, technological and business landscapes, actuaries have a significant role to play in helping the industry adapt to a post-pandemic world.  Hence the theme of JRS 2021 is "The Post-pandemic Actuarial World”.

It is with great pleasure to obtain your kind support for our flagship life event by considering to submit a proposal(s) to be one of our speakers in the local programme on 17 Sep 2021 in Taipei.


There can be a variety of topics. We propose a few below, but the list is by no means exhaustive:

  • Low interest rate environment topic
  • Future generation actuary
  • Opportunities and adaptation for actuaries in the post pandemic world
  • Mega trends and best practices for life insurance in the new normal
  • The effects of the regulatory environment - RBC, etc
  • The emerging new risks for the actuary
  • IFRS implementation journey/experience in Asia
  • Future-proofing insurance business



We welcome speakers from all insurance and financial backgrounds to discuss the above topics and more. We particularly like to hear from those who are already working in the areas of our proposed topics and can share insights of their work with us.


We are opening up several speaking slots in the Taipei programme.  If you are interested in presenting, please provide us with the name of the speaker(s) and their profile(s), proposed topic(s) and synopsis of the presentation(s), area of focus, level of technical details (1 to 5, 1 being light and 5 being very technical) as well as where the paper has been presented before.  Please ensure that your proposed topic is relevant to the theme of the seminar and respond by using the RFP template.


All selected speakers will be required to complete a Speaker Acknowledgement and Release Form.  The presentations/papers and video records will be published on the organisers and supporting organisations' websites and made available to all participants of the JRS. 



       1. Submit your synopsis in filled RFP template by Friday 25 June 2021.
  2. We will notify you whether your submission has been accepted by Thursday 15 July 2021.
  3. Final presentations delivered by Monday 16 August 2021.


      RFP template can be downloaded here: 


※  Please submit your RFP to AICT Secretariate (airc.org@gmail.com) by Friday 25 June 2021.