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【IAA】Please Comment by 5 August: IAIS consultation on the draft criteria to evaluate the Aggregation Method


The International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) is seeking feedback, through public consultation, on the draft criteria that will be used to assess whether the Aggregation Method provides comparable outcomes to the Insurance Capital Standard.


The IAIS began developing the draft comparability criteria in April 2021. Detailed criteria have been developed for each high-level principle and are the subject of this consultation.


The relevant documents and consultation questions for can be found under this link on the IAIS website.


The IAA intends to submit a formal response to this consultation. The Insurance Regulation Committee (IRC) will be responsible for formulating the response to the IAIS on behalf of the IAA.  The response will be developed in accordance with the requirements of the IAA Due Process for Making a Public Statements.


If you have any comment on this, please provide your feedback to the Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei by 5 August, the e-mail:airc.org@gmail.com. We will collect all reponses and conclude these feedback to IAA.