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【IAA】Please Comment by 14 December: The 6th Climate Risk paper


The 6th Climate Risk paper, The Climate Change Adaptation Gap: An Actuarial Perspective, was released for consultation on November 2nd. If you have any comment on this paper, please provide your feedback to the Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei. We will collect all reponses and conclude these feedback to IAA. Please e-mail your comments to airc.org@gmail.com no later than 14 December 2022.


On November 3rd, the authors of the 5th paper, Climate-Related Disclosures and Risk Management: Standards and Leading Practices, hosted a webinar. If you were not able to attend, you can attend the webinar recording on our YouTube channel.


Last week, Stuart Wason and Rade Musulin represented the IAA at the 27th COP meetings in Egypt. Daily updates were posted on the IAA’s LinkedIn channel and a full report will be available later this month in our November Newsletter. Pictured are Rade and Stuart with Mardi McBrien (Chair, ISSB) as well as Jingdong Hua (Vice-Chair, ISSB) and Mark Manning of the FCA.