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【IAA】Please Comment by 7 September: IAIS Public Consultation on ICP 14 (Valuation) and ICP 17 (Capital Adequacy)


The International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) has published consultations on draft revised ICP 14 (Valuation) and ICP 17 (Capital Adequacy).


Comments on draft revised ICP 14, draft revised ICP 14 related terms, draft revised ICP 17 and draft revised ICP 17 related terms are invited.


For more information on the overall IAIS work on ICS click here.


The IAA intends to submit a formal response to this consultation. The Insurance Regulation Committee (IRC) will be responsible for formulating the response to the IAIS on behalf of the IAA.  The response will be developed in accordance with the requirements of the IAA Due Process for Making a Public Statements. 


If you have any comment on this, please provide your feedback to the Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei by 7 September, the e-mail:secretariat@airc.org.tw. We will collect all reponses and conclude these feedback to IAA.