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【CGA】Whatever happens in the world, the CERA qualification will prepare you for it

Dear All, 

Just as ASSA member Arthur Els shared his thoughts on the benefits of the CERA designation in last month’s edition of the Actuary magazine, so too did IFoA member Joshua Waters. 

This different perspective is being included in the IFoA’s newsletters for April and we would ask that you do the same and spread the word to your membership bodies. 

Whatever happens in the world, the CERA qualification will prepare you for it

Joshua Waters, actuarial executive life advisor at KPMG, is among those who have successfully achieved the CERA [Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary] qualification. 

After gaining a Masters in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, he began his career as an annuity pricing analyst at Partnership. 

“In my current project advising a chief risk officer on credit risk governance, I draw on my knowledge of corporate governance from CERA. As well as the mathematical theories, CERA has real grounded practical insights into governance. The holistic approach championed in CERA has also driven my approach to stakeholder management”. 

You can read more about Joshua’s journey towards CERA success in the March Actuary Magazine. 

To learn more about this global risk qualification, please go to www.ceraglobal.org

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. 

Many thanks and kind regards, 
Thomas Evans
CERA Administrator