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謹轉知 CERA Global Newsletter 訂閱連結及認識CERA資格的問卷調查

Dear Member Association, 

You will have recently received a copy of the new CERA Newsletter.  I have attached  a link to the Newsletter and I should be grateful if you would circulate this link to your CERAS.   When doing so can you please explain in your communication the need for CERAs to sign up to the CERA database in order that they can receive the newsletter automatically http://cera.createsend1.com/t/ViewEmail/r/7C682938540D2C072540EF23F30FEDED.


In order to keep this newsletter up to date and of interest to our CERA members globally it is essential that all Member Associations provide content on a regular basis.  You can see from the newsletter areas where you can contribute content, News/Features/Events etc.   Our next newsletter  is scheduled to be circulated on 26 September.


We would also like to take this opportunity to reassess the level of awareness of the CERA qualification and so have compiled a 2nd survey which is being sent out on behalf of the CERA Global Association (CGA) to all our students and members with an interest in ERM.


In order to get a global perspective, can we please ask you to email all your members and students with an interest in ERM in the same way.  In order that we can gauge the level of response, please provide me with a note of how many members you have sent the survey to.


The link to the survey is noted below and the closing date for completion is  5 August:-


The results from this survey will help the CGA to further promote and grow the CERA community.

Responses will be treated in confidence and not divulged to external parties other than members of the CGA Treaty Board and CERA Member Associations without prior permission.

Please check the data protection laws in your country as some intended recipients might not have given consent to receive surveys.





Donna Meldrum

CERA Co-ordinator On behalf of


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